"Rollinghills Gracie Chocolate"

She now lives with the Hibbs family in Newfoundland



"Rollinghills Dundee Lillies"

Lilly now lives with Cheryl and Mike of Calgary





"Rollinghills Miska"

Mishka now lives with Bill and Lena of Calgary


"Rollinghills PJ"

"Rollinghills Little Cherub"

"Rollinghills Star"

They all live with the Ball Family in Spruce Grove


"Rollinghills Tasmanian Devil"

Taz now lives with the Koen family in Cold Lake, Alberta

He loves the water!









"Rollinghills Lord of Avalon"

Merlin now lives with the Darroch Family in Cochrane





"Willowglyn Isis O' Rollinghills"









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